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Dream No. 1: Cross platform mobile development with Silvelright and VS 2010

January 7, 2011 1 comment

In a  real world:
Visual Studio 2010 is an incredible development environment for only one mobile device: Windows Phone 7.

In a dream:
Visual studio 2010  is an incredible development environment for known mobile devices:
Iphone,  Android, Ipad, Windows Phone 7.

Let’s Create New Silverligth Mobile Application Project:

creating new mobile silvleright project

Support for  more target  mobile  devices:

Windows Phone 7  Designer/Xaml Page:

I changed target device to Iphone:

Project Outputs:
I can create 2 types of builds:

  1. Silverlight Plugin Based  Compilation (XAP output)
  2. Native Compilation Build (very fantastic  and recommended for best performance).

I selected the first option.